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How I can help you naturally?

I help people recover from pain and exhaustion disorders by treating the patient, not the disease, using natural medicines such as homeopathic medicines, supplements, herbs, dietary advice and mental health support. 

My service provides a bespoke service that will treat the main indicating symptoms and the underlying causes. For Fibromyalgia, there is often and underlying issue with the digestive system. Issues with digestion will impact the brain and central nervous system. Prescribing drugs such as NSAIDS, Gabapentin and Opiates will exasperate the condition further leading to constipation, toxicity and various neurological side effects. In essence, you are likely to increase flare-ups. The two main detoxification programmes I provide for Fibromyalgia and  Myalgic Encephalomyelitis are Adrenal Fatigue and Prescription Medication Detoxes.

What does a consultation include:

The initial consultation is for 80 minutes and will involve an in depth discussion around your previous medical history, your current symptoms, current medications taken and lifestyle. Follow-up consultations will include changes in your condition, prescribing according to shifts in your detox programme and information on coping techniques and lifestyle changes you will need to make in order to control and effectively treat your Fibro and ME.

What to expect at a consultation

  • analysis of ongoing stress and anxiety levels

  • symptom information gathering - food intolerances - hormone levels - lifestyle

  • medical history

  • prescribing schedule

  • 12-week detox plan included with appointments


Along with this I will ask you various questions around your mental and physical health, family life and career. 

During the initial consultation, it maybe clear that you need an initial detoxification programme. The results of your symptomology will depend on what detox is best for you.

  • Adrenal Fatigue

  • Prescription and illicit drugs

  • Colon cleanse

  • Liver flush

  • and organ support cleanses


Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue flare-ups can be debilitating and affects the patients entire life, often leaving them unable to work, continue with family duties and feeling alone and isolated. No one understands this disease fully unless they have experienced themselves. 

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My Methodology:

Fibromyalgia is linked to trauma and toxicity. I treat the root cause of the disorder by focusing on detoxification and mental health interventions using Homeopathic prescribing to get you back to your optimum health.